Coin less Laundry on Bell

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New High Efficiency Washers and Dryer! Fastest, Hottest and Cheapest!

We look forward to seeing you at the cleanest laundry in town. There are several rewards for being part of our loyalty card system.

1. For every $10.00 you add to your card we give you a free $1.00 Bonus. $10.00 = $11.00, $20.00 = 22.00, $30.00 =$33.00.

2. Purchase a 40.00 Club Card from the Attendant and receive $10.00 free on your card.

3.Register for Monthly Draws and you could win:

– A Club Card ($50.00 Value).
– Soap
– Reward Prizes
– and more…..

See you soon!